Australian Consulate-General, NYC

The Australian Consulate-General in New York City promotes Australia’s interests in the Northeastern United States and provides consular, passport and notarial services to Australians. I was commissioned to produce content for the Consulate-General for the purposes of highlighting the cultural impact and influence of Australians in New York City.

Dan Churchill, The Healthy Chef

Dan Churchill is the Chef of Under Armour and Executive Chef at Charley St, a fast casual restaurant in Nolita. He holds a Masters in Exercise Science, is the author of three books, and has appeared on notable programs such as ABC’s Good Morning America and the TODAY show. As his Head Creative, I produce his social content for his brand and restaurant.

Let’s Ask: Most Favorite Thing About Yourself

Let's Ask is a passion project that explores the people of New York City in a emotional, self-analytical way. The idea is simple: I walk up to random strangers and ask them where they're from, and a second - more thought provoking question about themselves. This is Episode 1: Let's Ask: What's Your Most Favorite Thing About Yourself?

IG Shorts (Instagram Series)

Cinnac is a social network, designed as a mini-blog service where users can upload photo 'Sets' — a blog of up to 20 photos. From there, the community can decide which image(s) it likes best by swiping left or right. That way, users can see how the community rated the images. I worked with the Cinnac team in Germany to create promotional Instagram Stories for their account(s).

Cinnac IG Story Campaign

Instagram's Stories has changed the way we consume video content. Everyone now has a smartphone, and so we have to adapt to having vertical video. This is a compilation of IG Shorts - stories that show bits of my life in a vertical format. More compilations can be seen in this YouTube playlist, and I post weekly Shorts on my Instagram: @don.eim.

hello. (Animation)

I don't incorporate enough animation work into my projects, and that's because it's my weakest skill set. I'm making it my mission this year to change that by teaching myself more After Effects. This was a fun animation project I made during a short hiatus from making content.

An Open Letter: To Myself

This is an open letter to myself, a highlight of moments from the first half of 2017 using past videos and unused footage. It was wake-up call for me to start making again, and a reminder to myself of what drives me as a visual creative. 

My Morning Routine

2018 was off to a slow start, and I needed to make a change if I wanted it to start right. I needed a new morning routine, and so this video is a product of that. Here's a birds eye view of what the beginning of (most of) my days looks like.

American Ninja Warrior Auditions

I love climbing and bouldering as a hobby, and at my local climbing gym, High Exposure, I have been able to meet several athletes who are very into the American Ninja Warrior competition. I shot and edited several of their audition tapes for the show, more can bee viewed in this YouTube playlist.

Happy Endings: Failed Relationships

Relationships are awesome, but not all of them work out. I wanted to know why, so I decided to ask my exes about relationships and why we didn't work out.

Is it weird that it wasn't weird? OK, it was a little weird.

Climbing Buildings, NYC (360° Video)

**Recommended viewing via VR device**

As a journalist, I believe that 360° is the next big step in visual storytelling. This is me testing the Theta S 360° Camera.

Hypeist's Yeezy Boost Scavenger Hunt

Promotional for the Hypeist #YEEZMAS scavenger hunt. Hypeist hides new and exclusive goods, like sneakers and artwork, in NYC for people to find. You find them, you keep them.  They hid a a pair of Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Moonrocks somewhere in NYC for this particular hunt.

House of the Creative 002 Event

House Of The Creative is a platform that connects underground artists such as photographers, models, brands and social media influencers. The goal is to plug in artists for various creative  projects and to help brands build their image on social media. I worked with them to create promotional content for their events. This was one of their earlier events, shot at Ludlow Studios, NYC.

KOTRA, US - Korea Business Partnership Summit 2017

KOTRA is Korea’s national trade promotion organization and serves as a bridge between Korean companies and potential partners overseas, including the U.S. I was hired to cover the summit and create a event/promotional video.

Dylan Sparkle - "Song #1" (MV)

Music video collaboration with Dylan Maris, singer, songwriter, and a senior at The New School at the time. I shot and edited this piece over an original song that she composed.

92nd Street Y: Camp Yomi Summer 2015

Promotional video for 92Y Camps.
I worked with the 92Y staff and kids to document their 2015 Summer Camp experience.

LK Feat. Johnnyphlo - "R.I.C.O." [Remix] (MV)

Music video collaboration with artists LK. and Johnnyphlo on their remix of Meek Mill's "R.I.C.O."

April Showers; Rebecca Sugar - "Love Like You"

Cloudy, rainy day test of the Nikon D3200. Edited over one of my recently favorite songs by Rebecca Sugar, from my recently favorite show "Steven Universe."

Dave Yoon - "Humanity" (MV)

Music video collaboration with Dave Yoon for his original song, "Humanity."

Dave Yoon - "The Christmas Song" (MV)

Merry Christmas! (2013)

From, Us to You!

'Untitled'- How I See: New York City

My first real video. Cheers! This is a short on how I see New York City.